Keep droning on…

I have written before about getting out there and making yourself known in your local community and spreading the #Drones4Good message. Get out there and speak to special interest groups, photography groups, networking events etc etc.

“But I hate public speaking!”, you might say.
I say, go and do it anyway. Here is why…

Last year I was invited to speak at a local special interest group. I went along, was bought a pint, did a slide show and Q&A for an hour or so about drones and what I do with them (I’ve never met a drone operator who can’t keep a drone conversation going for days!) and talked to a whole bunch of lovely people afterwards. On the day I had one conversation that led to an initial demonstration and a supply and training contract. I have since had contact from another person who was at the same talk that is leading to some really interesting operational survey work. It is likely the combined value of these contracts will be well in excess of £20K. Not bad for an evening out.

Of course, I have done talks where nothing obvious was gained other than meeting some great people and spreading the word. But it may be that other companies have benefited one way or another through what people have heard.

One of our Facebook followers commented on a post about increasing the visibility of the industry to change public perception. This is a great way that, even as small operators, we can spread the positive uses of drones rather than this drone waiter rubbish. We not only get to meet great people and have a fun evening but, slowly, public perception is adjusted.

If you really don’t want to stand up in front of people, but have been approached or have an idea for someone you can approach, our network of operators now covers most of the UK, so let me know where you are and maybe I can put you together with someone who can come with you, provide a bit of moral support and help with the presentation. Together we are stronger and collaboration is a lot of fun.


2 thoughts on “Keep droning on…

  1. Hi, great blog and hopefully you can answer a few questions.

    I’m a wedding photographer based in Plymouth, also a keen RC Heil pilot but as yet I’ve not managed to get my hands on a drone. I’m considering the possibilities of using a drone for stills initially and then possibly moving onto video and wanted to find out about the rules, regs, insurance etc.

    Any help much appreciated 🙂

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