Who are HexCam?

HexCam Ltd is based at Anglia Farmers, Honingham Thorpe just off the A47 South of Norwich. We offer specialist aerial photography, videography and film solutions across the UK using our radio-controlled multirotor drone to safely and efficiently obtain the photographs or video you require. Using cutting-edge technology for both our flight equipment and imagery means that, despite the small size, there is no compromise in quality.

HexCam also provide UK-based drone training. Whether you are flying a DJI Phantom, an Inspire 1 or a custom octocopter, we can provide training that will leave you feeling confident in the use of your own drone. If you haven’t sourced your drone yet, we can advise on the best equipment to purchase for your purpose. We very much believe in the “right tool for the job” and wouldn’t sell anything we wouldn’t use ourselves.

HexCam is part of The Aerial Academy who will soon be offering a full route to a CAA Permission for Aerial Work to complement our existing operations manual and drone flight training services. We are now a UK CAA restricted NQE meaning we can now offer flight assessment for pilots who can prove existing theoretical knowledge through holding a current or lapsed manned aviation qualification such as a PPL, glider licence or military qualification.


2 thoughts on “Who are HexCam?

  1. Hi, I really enjoyed reading some of your blogs. great info. I have a question about my hexacopter I am assembling. I would appreciate your advise on what kind and size battery(s) you would recommend to fly this. When complete it will have the naza m lite flight system and gopro 3+ camera on it. thank you in advance for your help in this matter.

    Leo in Az

  2. Can you provide info on initially becoming competent on go pro sized drone for personal AP. Possibly leading to commercial qual.

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