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3 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. I want to get the license for drone operation in Uk. I have the DJI Panthom 4. Please let me know the charges. I am based in Croydon and like to know the nearest centre if you have branches.
    thank you

  2. Hi Hexcam

    Before I embark on a training course/CAA licence with yourselves, I’d just like to know if it is now possible to amend a OSC safety manual to cover conjested areas (I need over residential homes only). I’ve tried to research information but no-one has a simple do this, do that list. So I confused how others can fly within the 50 meter rule.

    Regards Craig Smith

    • Apologies, just spotted this.One thing the CAA have said is that they won’t issue OSCs to operators who have held a PFCO for less than a year. Remember, you can work within 50 metres if structures and people are under your control. You can also work in congested areas as long as you have a PFCO and your aircraft is under 7Kg. If structures and people are under your control you can fly as close as you feel is safe.

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