HexCam is now UK demonstrator and trainer for Versadrones

When I first set up HexCam I trawled the web for companies who could supply us with the equipment we needed. At that time I came across a small company who produce hexacopters and octocopters. I purchased a hexacopter and a SkyEye octocopter. The company has now become Versadrones and thanks to our ongoing communications with them we have been able to form a link that I am really quite excited about!

One of things I look for in a company is approachability and ongoing customer service. Tomasz at Versadrones has been incredibly helpful throughout my time learning to fly and my intitial mishaps and has put up admirably with my stupid questions  and requests for help.

Now that I have seen some other equipment that is available, I am so glad that I found Versadrones. When I was asked to act as a UK demonstrator and trainer, I was really pleased. I wouldn’t get involved if I didn’t think I was demonstrating some of the best equipment currently available. You may think tht is just marketing patter but if you meet me, you are very welcome to have  look at my logbook and see the hours that have been put in with these machines without incident. Every photo and video on the HexCam website was obtained using either our initial small hexacopter built by Versadrones or our SkyEye 8 octocopter, which looks a little bit dated compared to the newest SkyEye 8 on the Versadrones website.

Please have a look at the links and photos below to see the products that Versadrones has to offer and some of the incredible aerial imagery that can be obtained using their UAVs.

Versadrones Website

Versadrones Facebook

If you need a demonstration, training or more information, please do not hesitate to contact me via the website.

Elliott – HexCam

Versa X6 used to photograph crocodiles in Kenya

The Versadrones team were never more glad to be a long way away!

Hexacopter aerial photography of hotel in Kenya

This hotel looks great from the point of view of the Versa X6

Versa X6 hexacopter for aerial photography and video

You won’t find many aerial photography platforms that look as good and fly as well as this one!


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