Keep Droning On!

If you have watched the BBC in the evening at all recently you may have noticed radio-controlled drones appearing on programmes such as Question of Sport, The Magicians, Countryfile and, most recently,The One Show. With increasing public awareness of the uses of unmanned aerial systems, it is likely that we are going to see many more systems coming online over the next few years. Concerns have been raised about privacy issues but, with cameras available on almost every mobile phone and tablet, it is hard to see how it will be a major problem when there are so few operators. Concerns have also been raised about the use of drones in terrorism but, like any tool, drones could be used for useful or disruptive purposes so you can’t just write off a new technology because a tiny minority of people might use them illegally.

The One Show’s Matt Allwright did a ten-minute feature about 20 minutes into the show on drones on Friday 10th February highlighting their potential uses in Police surveillance, farming, search and rescue and the Olympics, amongst other things.

With the rate of technological development in this field, things are moving very quickly. There was no mention of heavy-lift hexacopters and octocopters, that can carry much improved camera equipment, such as in the example below, or developments in recharging technology that may eventually allow much longer flight times.

CineStar 3 Axis Gimbal from tabb firchau on Vimeo.

At HexCam, we aim to be on the cutting edge of current research and to keep improving our technology to meet the needs of individuals and businesses.


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